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5th AnniversaryLa Rosée de Berlin – Berliner Weisse

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we have decided to brew for you five special beers that represent the Vrooden know-how. They were created by the team members according to their tastes and preferences.

The first beer is a hibiscus berliner weisse. Our traditional berliner weisse was first brewed in 2017. As it represents the origins of our Champagne du Nord, we feel that this special beer should be honoured as it deserves. This idea comes from Marc-André Legrand, our sales manager, who paired it with hibiscus to give it nice floral notes, which go very well with the apple and pear aromas of the traditional berliner weisse. This little extra gives the beer a beautiful and vibrant pink colour.

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5% alc./IBU 3. Hibiscus, apple and pear aromas