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ClassicBiergarten – Helles

The product of a long endeavour to create a German pale lager, the helles embodies the quintessential Bavarian brewing know-how that began 3,000 years ago. Developed in Munich in 1892 to compete with the very popular Czech pilsner, this ultimate thirst-quenching beer has been the favorite of Munich’s biergartens for more than 125 years.






The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

One can’t diss decades of feasting. Germans have always loved delicate sausages with their everyday blond lager – often called Helles – and Vrooden’s example fits the bill easily. For a slightly healthier meal, this quencher will also do wonders with an oven-baked trout and its herbal bouquet. It’s such a versatile brew that it will also join you on those moments where you breathe in some fresh air after a hard day’s work…


Psst! Our Helles is now called “Biergarten”

Same product, new label!

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5% alc./vol IBU 20. Pale Lager. Bready and Tropical Hops flavors.