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ClassicMilkshake IPA – Mango

For this new version, we used mango as fruit and two new hops, Mandarina-Bavaria and Ekuanot (Equinox). Vanilla was also reduced and we put it less sweet.


The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

Nachos and salsa. No need for something more complicated for a Milkshake IPA ripe with tropical fruit and greenness. Its finish laden with green peppercorn spiciness will even enhance a spicy salsa. The same goes for a veggie pizza: the beer’s powerful hops will add fruitiness and spiciness to the sauce. The only thing left will be to play an ocean wave soundtrack in the background as you flip-flop your way around the kitchen.

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6.5% alc./vol IBU 60. Blonde beer with a strong bitterness. Flavors of hops, mango and vanilla.