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ClassicMilkshake IPA – Pineapple

Vrooden Brewery returns with a new version of its popular Milkshake IPA. This time we used pineapple and a new combination of hops to accompany it.


The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

Nachos and salsa. No need for something more complicated for a Milkshake IPA ripe with tropical fruit and greenness. Its finish laden with green peppercorn spiciness will even enhance a spicy salsa. The same goes for a veggie pizza: the beer’s powerful hops will add fruitiness and spiciness to the sauce. The only thing left will be to play an ocean wave soundtrack in the background as you flip-flop your way around the kitchen.

Additional information


6.5% alc./vol IBU 60. Blonde beer with a strong bitterness. Flavors of hops, pineapple and vanilla

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