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Non-AlcoholicLady Cori-Ange

Blonde beer with aromas of orange and coriander seed. On the mouth, we keep the cereal notes, but it is the power of citrus that dominates. Orange, orange, a little coriander … and more orange.

The alcohol-free series has been developed to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers who like to have a good beer without the effects of alcohol. We used German brewing techniques to give you a sensory experience that is as similar as possible to an alcoholic beer. As stated in the law, this non-alcoholic beer contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.


The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

This non-alcoholic blonde ale’s comfortable mouthfeel being endowed with sweet orange zest aromas makes it an ideal partner for a garden salad topped with shrimp and juicy grapefruit. Even pesto-laden pasta works nicely, especially if cherry tomatoes are diced up on top. In the end though, one must admit that a sunny day is all it takes to be satisfied with such a beer.