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SeasonDouble Chocolate Milk Stout

Inspired by the British sweet Stouts, our Chocolate Milk Stout will let you discover the perfect match between dark chocolate and roasted mal. A double version of our popular chocolate milk stout, what better to keep you warm during the cold period of the year.

Find this beer during the winter!


The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

Please be honest. You didn’t choose this beer because it was going to be easygoing. You chose it because you wanted to spoil yourself! So for a most decadent pairing, go for a chocolate truffle. If you sometimes like salt with your chocolate, bite into a huge, salted pretzel every other sip. The salt crystals will pierce the beer’s milky sugars while the pretzel’s crust reaches the roasted malts. If there is still a parcel of you which is health conscious, know that a burger whose patty is made from beets and quinoa will aptly deliver the flavorful pairing you are looking for.

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8.0% alc./vol IBU 25. Double version of the Chocolate Milk Stout. Black chocolate, roasting and caramel aroma.