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SeasonNuit de Prague – Tmavy Lezak

Tmavy lezak or brown lager, is the ancestor of the Czech pilsner as we know it today. Although it has been less popular since the invention of the pilsner in 1842, it still accounts for 5% of beer sales in Czequia. Despite its dark color, its flavor is not roasted. It is characterized by its malty and caramelized flavors, which ends with a dry finish. A real thirst-quenching beer.

Find this beer during the winter!


The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

A cuddly lager with just enough caramelized aromas to blend into a hearty bowl of baked beans? Yes, please. Bonus points too for the ability to summon the lumberjack in you as you grab a second glass to pair with your maple-flavored fudge squares. Lo and behold, the toffee and cocoa nuances brought forth by this Czech-style lager even succeed in enhancing an oven-baked whole cauliflower. Inspired by romantic Prague, this dark lager obviously fits quite well too with a quiet evening admiring the atmospheric lighting of an old town.

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4.8% alc. IBU 27. Blonde and amber. Malty and caramelized taste