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SignatureChampagne du Nord – Aged in barrel

Our Champagne du Nord is an imperial Berliner Weisse first aged in red wine barrels 6 months and then aged in bottles for another 6 months. This two-step aging process develops green apple and pear flavors and aromas of and a nice woody finish. Its aging potential is excellent, and it will improve for several years. Just keep it in a dark, cool, and vibration-free place in an upright position.


The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

Bubbles galore! This naturally-carbonated brew dazzles the palate like a sparkling wine while retaining all the elegance needed to cut through a classic risotto dish. The beer’s fruity acidity will lighten the cheese’s fat content and the intense carbonation will clean the palate up for the next bit. For lovers of mineral flavors, don’t hesitate to shuck a few oysters on the side. Covered in cheese to create the same pairing as the risotto’s, plain in order to focus on the marine flavors or with a citrusy mignonette to link the oysters to the beer’s own tartness. All variations will be harmonious. Perfect to celebrate a loved one.

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7% alc./vol. IBU 3. Strong beer. Aged in barrels