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SignatureScotch Ale – Scotch

This version of our traditional Scotch Ale has fermented in oak barrels that previously contained Highland single malt Scotch for 20 years. The aromas of Scotch and roasted oak go perfectly with the malted and caramelized side of Scotch Ale.


The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

A foggy afternoon walking along a quiet brook in the islands. The quintessential Scottish daydream that is conjured up by this scotch ale aged in scotch-laden oak barrels. The most intrepid among you will go to the market and get some briny oysters whose seaside perfume will be enhanced by the beer’s peaty aromas. If you are already thinking of your main course, don’t hesitate to serve up a filet mignon sprinkled with some fleur de sel or even an onion soup dripping with melted cheese.

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8.0% alc./vol IBU 26. Scotch Ale fermented in old scotch oak barrels. Nice bitterness with scotch, caramel and malted aroma.