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SignatureScotch Ale – Rum

This version of our traditional Scotch Ale has been put in oak barrels previously filled with rum. The aromas of rum and roasted oak go perfectly with the malted and caramelized side of Scotch Ale


The perfect match according to Martin Thibault, Les Coureurs des Boires

Obviously, this mighty scotch ale aged in rum barrels can be enjoyed on its own. Draped in a thick wool blanket. But if your stomach starts growling, simple date squares will pair up nicely due to their cereals and dried fruit mimicking the beer’s own flavors. For a lighter offering, habanero-spiked crab cakes will create that perfect intermission. Before you go back to lounging in your wool blanket, of course.

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8.0% alc./vol IBU 26. Scotch Ale fermented in old rum oak barrels. Nice bitterness with rum, caramel and malted aroma.