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When the Korean Embassy recognizes our makgeolli.

On June 9, 2022, we were invited to the Embassy of the Republic of South Korea in Ottawa to give a presentation on our Makgeolli Sayangju.

Mr. Chang, the ambassador to Canada, received us to present the story behind the brewing of our Makgeolli during a dinner with his team of about fifty guests.

We were able to introduce Makgeolli on its own and accompanied by Korean dishes to the delight of our guests.

Mr. Chang was won over by the great quality and flavour of our Makgeolli. He was very happy to finally be able to get some in Canada.

The day before, a team from the Korean news channel YTN was at the brewery to make a report on our Makgeolli. They were also present at the embassy to interview Ambassador M. Chang and some of these guests. To view the report, click on the following link:

Thank you to the ambassador for this great experience.