BEVERAGE : Makgeolli Sayangju / Korean style rice wine
FLAVORS : Floral and white-fleshed fruits
AROMA : Floral and white-fleshed fruits
GLASS : small bol

List of ingredients: Water, rice, wheat.
Contains: Wheat.

Size : 500mL
11% alc./vol.

Before serving, shake the bottle gently.


Traditionally brewed for over 2,000 years, makgeolli is an integral part of Korean culture.

For fermentation, this rice wine is brewed using nuruk, a wheat cake fermented according to a Korean method that spans several weeks.

With its silky texture and its floral and white fruit aromas complemented by a very refreshing sourness, makgeolli is a perfect companion for spicy dishes, but is also wonderful to enjoy on its own, as an aperitif or a digestif.


Makgeolli settles naturally over time. It consists of two layers, the yakju, the clear part, and the takju, the sedimented part. Before consuming, it is important to shake the bottle gently to mix its contents thoroughly.

To fully appreciate makgeolli, we recommend serving it at a temperature between 5 and 7°C.

Makgeolli has a milky texture; it is tangy and has a rich mouthfeel. The floral and white fruit flavours and aromas go well with its sourness to accompany spicy dishes.

Normally, it is consumed in small bowls, during meals. As expected, it goes very well with spicy Korean cuisine, but it can also be savoured as an aperitif, a digestif, or for any other occasions, using your favourite glass.

Makgeolli and food pairing.

It would be easy to say that this makgeolli works wonderfully with kimchi, bibimbap or Korean gochujang sauces. And we would be right, as its velvety, milky texture melds beautifully with the flavours of rice, cabbage, fermentation and hot peppers. In essence though, a good makgeolli can accompany any spicy dish. So any Thai curry, American chili and Mexican taco dish will be an ideal partner for this floral beverage. For a healthier option, just switch the meat for grilled tofu and rice and keep the same spicy seasonings. Guaranteed trip with every bite and sip!